3DTWR-GY Winn Dri-Tac Wrap UNDERSIZE Golf Grip - GRAY

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Now offered in Ladies size, Dri-Tac Wrap provides contoured feel in a classic wrap style design. WinnDry polymer provides comfort with exceptional non-slip all-weather performance.

Winn Grips are built for comfort to produce less hand fatigue leading to extended time on the course. It begins with using Polymer grip technology. As the pioneer of polymer grips, Winn invented multiple polymer compounds that are slip-resistant in all weather conditions. Ultimately, they outperform traditional golfing handles in the market today. Our polymers are uniquely formulated to achieve a wide spectrum of firmnesses, textures, and weights to suit any type of golfer.
Diameter: 0.590
Outer Diameter:
Weight: 37g
Type: Tapered Wrap
Size: Undersize -1/32
Color: Gray