Iomic Midsize Putter Grip - Blue 75gm

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Iomic is known for their superior tack, bright and lavish color options as well as their top performance for both amateurs and tour pros alike. They are made in Japan with a patented creation of high quality elastomer.

This is the grip that put Iomic on the map. It's ergonomic design helps provide the feel and control necessary to add confidence in your putting stroke. The 75g Midsize design features rounded edges in contrast to the sharpness of the 65g Std. Its larger size allows for less hand movement, giving the player the ability to produce a more pendulum-like stroke.

The high pressure injection molding manufacturing process produces grips of uncompromising quality. The weight of this grip is 75 grams with a +/- 2 gram tolerance. Iomic grips maintain their texture and density unlike rubber grips that harden and crack over time.